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Loutzavia Flight Training Centre 

“Loutzavia operates an exclusive Flying Academy that practices the highest training standards to provide courses from PPL (Private Pilot Licence) to ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence).”

Loutzavia management and instructors pride themselves on their top quality Flight training, yet they maintain a relaxed atmosphere, where career-orientated students, social flyers and prospective aircraft owners feel equally welcome and at ease. Loutzavia’s modern facilities combine the latest innovations in Training Technology together with the skills of highly competent, full-time instructors and staff to ensure that you, the Student Pilot, gain the optimum benefit from the Training Course of your choice

All of the Academy’s Flight Instructors are monitored and coached on a regular basis by Loutzavia’s in-house Designated Examiner, Jannie Loutzis. Jannie has accumulated an excess of 8000 flying hours during his 26 years flying experience. Loutzavia is currently training personnel from the SACAA, SAPS Air Wing, SAA and the Botswana Government, to name a few.

Courses are presented on a one-on-one basis to ensure personal attention – this benefits the students by allowing them to train at their own pace. To accomodate for students with full-time employment, all of our courses are offered on a part-time basis. Loutzavia is a full-time operation, open 7 days a week, all year round. Our objective: To train highly skilled pilots within the Aviation Industry on pristine and well maintained aircraft at an executive, friendly, family orientated training institution. Overall, Loutzavia provides exclusive Aviation services, including Pilot Training, Charters, Pilot Shop and Aircraft Sales with absolute integrity and professionalism.

Our Simulator 

The TruVisual incorporates Frasca’s newest technology developed for level 6 Flight Training Devices and Full Flight Simulators.

This technology has been repackaged to be cost effective for production line devices, thus offering our customers high fidelity at an affordable price. Frasca’s Computer Generated Instrumentation (CGI) uses realistic overlays with bezels, screws, glass, and knobs. It takes only minutes to convert the Frasca TruVisual device from a Multi-Engine to a Single-Engine Aircraft or vice versa.

The Frasca is SACAA approved for the following training options:

  PPL overage training

  PPL Instrument training

  Night Rating Instrument training

  Single and Multi-Engine Instrument Training

  Instructors Rating preparation

  ATPL Preperation

  Alternate Instrument Renewal

   Alternate ATPL Renewal


By its very nature, Simulator Training is safer than Aircraft Training. Abnormal and emergency procedures may be learned and practiced without risk to students, staff or aircraft. Potential inappropriate crew responses may be evaluated without posing a safety hazard and intensive judgment training may be conducted. Training in Simulators also eliminates actual midair conflicting traffic. Finally, severe weather, terrain or obstruction proximity can be demonstrated in the simulator without the risk and exposure to the actual condition.

Training Value 

A Flight Simulator makes a more suitable learning environment than the cockpit of an Aircraft as it enables the student and Instructor to concentrate on learning the task. There is also less noise in a Simulator, allowing more effective communication between student and Instructor. In addition to this, temperature and humidity are controlled, providing for a more comfortable environment.The SACAA allows a considerable portion of Simulator time to be logged towards Certificates.

The student can be given first-hand experience of Navigation Facilities that would not otherwise be available locally. When used correctly in training programs, Simulators can reduce total training time while enhancing the value of each session of flight. Simulators will therefore always benefit a training program when specific lesson plans are followed.


The student benefits financially by using Flight Simulators in the training program. Students enjoy short term cost savings since an hour of Simulator time costs less than an hour of Aircraft time. Long term savings to students result from finishing the flight component in less time while using a Simulator.

The Simulator is also not vulnerable to the abuses training aircraft are subjected to. The result is lower routine maintenance and repair expenses for the training Aircraft, which lowers the overall cost of Flight Training. Standardized flight Instruction can thus be attained at a lower cost by using Flight Simulators.


Simulator usage eases the burden on Airport and air traffic. Simulators do not add to noise or air pollution and are consistent with our national policy of fuel conservation.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Examination Centre 

Loutzavia is a proud host of a SACAA approved Examination Centre.At our Examination Centre, students can enjoy a quiet, safe and controlled environment when writing the SACAA PPL examinations, 5 days a week. Loutzavia also hosts SACAA Instructors Examinations as well as a range of our own Technical and Pre-solo Examinations. All Examinations are written online.

For Examination Bookings please follow these steps:

  Ensure that you are the holder of a valid Student Pilot Licence.

  Contact our Examination Centre to register as student.

  After registration has been approved by the SACAA, phone (+27) 12 567 6775 and listen to the voice prompt to book your examination.

  To avoid disappointment be sure to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

Flight Testing Centre 

Loutzavia is one of a few Flight Training Centres in South Africa with the luxury of having an in-house Designated Flight Examiner. Jannie Loutzis, founder of Loutzavia and Grade I Flight Instructor, and serves as Loutzavia’s SACAA Designated Flight Examiner. This enables Loutzavia’s students to be tested in a familiar environment without compromising testing standards. Jannie regularly comprises initial CPL Flight Tests as well as Instrument Ratings, Instructor Ratings, ATPL Tests as well as Renewals of all these Licences.

To book your flight test or renewal, phone (+27) 12 567 6775 or email us at operations@loutzavia.co.za. To avoid disappointment, be sure to book well in advance.

Employment Package 

Most students in South Africa choose to complete the Commercial Pilot Licence course without the Flight Instructor rating. This, however, tends to create a problem when looking for a good flying position after qualifying, mainly due to lack of flying experience. Some of the different flying positions available in the Aviation Industry are listed below, showing the recommended flying experience required as a Captain or Co-pilot for an employment position.

  Flight Instructor Grade III – from 220 hours.

  Flight Instructor Grade II – from 450 hours.

  Bush Pilot (Single-Engine) – Captain 350 hours and Co-pilot 250 hours

  Bush Pilot (Multi-Engine) – Captain 750 hours and Co-pilot 400 hours

  Aerial Photography (Single-Engine) – Captain 450 hours and Co-pilot 200 hours

  Aerial Photography (Multi-Engine) – Captain 650 hours and Co-pilot 450 hours

  Aerial Survey (Single-Engine) – Captain 450 hours and Co-pilot 200 hours

  Aerial Survey (Multi-Engine) – Captain 650 hours and Co-pilot 450 hours

  Charter Pilot (Single-Engine) – Captain 650 hours and Co-pilot 450 hours

  Charter Pilot (Multi-Engine) – Captain 1000 hours and Co-pilot 500 hours

  Turbine Charter Pilot (Single-Engine) – Captain 1000 hours and Co-pilot 700 hours

  Turbine Charter Pilot (Multi-Engine) – Captain 1500 hours and Co-pilot 850 hours

  Airline Pilot initial entry starting as a Co-pilot 1500 hours with frozen ATP subjects

As you can see, most positions, with the exception of the Flight Instructors Rating, require a considerable amount of flying experience before you are eligible for employment. This creates a catch-22 situation, where “you cannot get a job because you don’t have the experience” and “you cannot get the experience because you don’t have a job”.

Our Trained to Instruct package has been specifically designed to help you overcome this problem. By employing you as a full-time Grade III Flying Instructor for a period of 12 months (terms & conditions apply), Loutzavia creates an opportunity for you to accumulate experience. During this 12-month period the Instructor is allowed to teach students and thus gain the flying experience needed to move up the ladder into the General Aviation and Airline Industries

On average, full-time Instructors fly 50 to 80 hours and lecture approximately 20 to 40 hours per month. Of course, the Instructor is rewarded for every hour lectured and flown. This means that the Instructor accumulates approximately 700 flying hours during the first year of employment. When this is added to the 200 hours or so acquired during qualification, it totals around 900 hours flying experience.Loutzavia’s Trained to Instruct Commercial Pilot’s

Foreign Students 

Loutzavia is proud to be part of a series of foreign student exchange programs.

This includes students from the following countries: 

Botswana, France, Gabon, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Ukraine, Zimbabwe

Your Aviation Destination

We are proud to say that we are dealing with virtually every aspect of the Aviation Industry. With decades of experience in aviation we guarantee world-class service excellence in all aspects of our business. At Loutzavia you will find that we are passionate about flying and will do our utmost to ensure your experience in Aviation is worthwhile.

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