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Loutzavia Aircraft Sales

SACAA / 1017 / ATO

Loutzavia Aircraft Sales

SACAA / 1017 / ATO

Loutzavia Aircraft Sales

Loutzavia Aircraft Sales was established as a division of Loutzavia in July 2003 by well known Pilot and Grade I Flying Instructor Jannie Loutzis.

Since he started training future aviators, Jannie has been assisting friends, clients and even family in purchasing their dream aircraft. Whether it be a humble Cessna 150, a sophisticated twin-engine pressurized King Air 200 or even a helicopter, Jannie has a reputation for giving the best advice and helping his clients get the best value for money when buying or selling. 

The guys at Loutzavia make a great team. They are certainly not salesmen or agents – they are consultants. They assist, advise and guide their clients through the essential steps and take into account in the choice of aircraft and the sales transactions. When they give their honest guidance and advice in terms of a proposed transaction, their experience, knowledge and passion for aviation ensure top quality service to both the buyer and seller.

Other Services Include 

Apart from helping you to buy or sell the right aircraft at the right price, at Loutzavia Aircraft Sales division we also offer the services listed below:

  Getting an independent appraisal for your aircraft.
  Assist you with your investment and the running cost that will be required to keep your aircraft flying based on your utilisation expectation and the costs of operation.
  Assist with the pre-purchase inspection and the checking of the logs to confirm that all the mandatory maintenance was done and that there are no nasty surprises.
  Assist with getting in touch with the financial institutions to enable you to arrange finance for your aircraft purchase.
  We can assist you in getting the most competitive rate for your aircraft insurance.
  We will assist you with conversion and refresher training if needed.
  Assist you with managing your investment in terms of utilisation contracts and maintenance.
  Assist with a fractional ownership program. This means that we assist our clients to become co-owners and are able to utilise an executive type of aircraft in a fractional ownership program without full aircraft ownership.
  Hangarage is tough to find but with our contacts we could probably help you to get a safe place to store your investment

If you want us to help you take the “pain” out of the process of purchasing your aircraft send an e-mail to jannie@loutzavia.co.za

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Jannie Loutzis:

Email: jannie@loutzavia.co.za

Cell: (+27) 82 416 4069

Office: (+27) 12 567 6775

Your Aviation Destination

We are proud to say that we are dealing with virtually every aspect of the Aviation Industry. With decades of experience in aviation we guarantee world-class service excellence in all aspects of our business. At Loutzavia you will find that we are passionate about flying and will do our utmost to ensure your experience in Aviation is worthwhile.

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(+27) 12 567 6775

Emergency contact: (+27) 72 919 8608

Hangar 70A, Wonderboom Airport, Linvelt Road, Pretoria, 0110

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