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Loutzavia Aircraft Management

SACAA / 1017 / ATO

Loutzavia Aircraft Management

SACAA / 1017 / ATO

 Chartering & Cleaning



Hangarage & Aircraft Management

Loutzavia has been a prominent organization in the aviation industry since 2003. It has since had the privilege of accumulating a large number of resources at Wonderboom Airport. The company’s immaculate hangarage facilities are a source of pride to both aircraft owners and the Loutzavia team.



Loutzavia proudly owns 4000m² of aircraft hangarage at Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria. This includes two newly built hangars and a totally refurbished hangar. Our hangarage facility is one of our main priorities. We make a great effort to keep the hangars in pristine condition to house and manage your aircraft.


Loutzavia believes in service excellence. Thus when you make use of our hangarage, we will also offer to manage your aircraft…

We offer the following management services to comply with our service excellence policy:

  Chartering your aircraft

  Cleaning your aircraft

  Towing your aircraft

  Refuelling your aircraft

Administering your aircraft’s certification to ensure it is SACAA compliant at all times.

Henry Miles:

Email: henry@loutzavia.co.za

Cell: (+27) 82 966 0911

Office: (+27) 12 567 6775


Jannie Loutzis:

Email: jannie@loutzavia.co.za

Cell: (+27) 82 416 4069

Office: (+27) 12 567 6775


Your Aviation Destination

We are proud to say that we are dealing with virtually every aspect of the Aviation Industry. With decades of experience in aviation we guarantee world-class service excellence in all aspects of our business. At Loutzavia you will find that we are passionate about flying and will do our utmost to ensure your experience in Aviation is worthwhile.

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(+27) 12 567 6775

Emergency contact: (+27) 72 919 8608

Hangar 70A, Wonderboom Airport, Linvelt Road, Pretoria, 0110

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